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Google Services Restored For Users Around The World

:lawsonMedia, :10:10am, Aug 22 2020

TIKTOK: Oracle receives Trump’s backing in bid to buy US operation

:James, :12:20pm, Aug 20 2020

Epic Games seeks court protection from Apple, as Fortnite row continues

:nero, :11:48am, Aug 18 2020

Apple to launch subscription bundles to boost services

:Sophy, :10:11am, Aug 15 2020

Facebook, Google Step Up Election Protection Efforts

:nero, :7:01am, Aug 15 2020

Courtville raises profit to N339.4 million 

:Timothy, :12:18pm, Aug 12 2020

Nigeria leads Africa in data protection, despite low awareness — NITDA DG

:raymi, :10:58am, Aug 12 2020

US Senate passes bill banning federal govt employees using TikTok

:Sophy, :1:21pm, Aug 10 2020

Twitter, TikTok discuss potential combination ― WSJ

:MrJake, :2:00pm, Aug 9 2020

TikTok, WeChat bans not crucial to US security ― Experts

:lawsonMedia, :9:39am, Aug 8 2020

Trump Gives TikTok 6 Weeks To Sell Itself To US Company

:lawsonMedia, :6:15am, Aug 7 2020

For Danbatta, time to lay telecoms milestone

:sammy, :2:46pm, Aug 5 2020

Google buys $450m stake in ADT to give Nest a new perch

:isabel, :10:40am, Aug 4 2020

TIKTOK: Bytedance offers to sell US operations, as Trump ban looms

:isabel, :9:33am, Aug 3 2020

US vs China: Trump says will ban TikTok in America

:Sophy, :8:14am, Aug 1 2020

US Congressional Antitrust Hearing With Big Tech Ceos Postponed

:nero, :2:43pm, Jul 25 2020

TikTok launches $200 mn ‘creator fund’

:tive199, :1:05pm, Jul 25 2020

Microsoft Sees Growth Amid Pandemic Computing Demands

:kevwe1, :10:00am, Jul 25 2020

Google launches ‘Think with Google’ in sub-Saharan Africa

:sammy, :12:35pm, Jul 22 2020

Twitter says hackers ‘manipulated’ employees to access accounts

:Timothy, :6:28am, Jul 19 2020

Twitter attack was work of young hacker pals ― Media

:tive199, :12:41pm, Jul 18 2020

5G: Five Things To Know

:Timothy, :10:38am, Jul 18 2020

Britain Set To Back Removal Of Huawei From 5G

:isabel, :9:03am, Jul 18 2020

China Calls Britain ‘America’s Dupe’ For Banning Huawei

:isabel, :11:33am, Jul 16 2020

IBM appoints Angela Kyerematen-Jimoh as First African Regional Head

:jack, :12:13pm, Jul 15 2020

‘Impossible’ to remove Huawei from UK within decade ― Telecom boss

:sammy, :9:13pm, Jul 13 2020

Trump Says Considering TikTok Ban As China Row Deepens

:isabel, :11:28am, Jul 13 2020

Facebook’s software kit to blame for iPhone’s popular apps crashing

:tive199, :8:16am, Jul 13 2020

Musk Says Tesla Close To Developing Fully Autonomous Car

:nero, :9:20am, Jul 12 2020

Twitter Shares Take Wing On Plan For Subscription Platform

:Timothy, :2:04pm, Jul 10 2020

US Looking At Banning TikTok, Other Chinese Apps – Pompeo

:sammy, :8:34am, Jul 8 2020

African road users demand NEXIT mobile mapping app

:James, :7:14pm, Jul 6 2020

New telecom regulation beckons

:isabel, :9:38am, Jul 5 2020

Tech giant to acquire autonomous vehicle start-up Zoox for over $1bn

:jack, :9:59am, Jun 30 2020
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