A couple, Monifa and Wyatt who love being adventurous, have gotten married on a mountain 12ft above sea level.

The bride, Dr Monifa, shared the news on social media as she revealed that the decision was taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She disclosed that they had to wake up early and embark on their mountain climb at around 4am amid a 30 degree weather.

They wedding which took place in Colorado, USA saw them wed themselves without a pastor, guests, family or witnesses. According to Dr Monifa, the law in Colorado permits couples to marry each other without a minister or officiant.

Sharing photos from their wedding, Dr Monifa wrote; “oh hey don’t mind me it’s me & my hubs on our wedding day on a mountain 12,000 ft above sea level eloping & what not in a pandemic & yes we hiked this mountain at 4am in 30 degree weather in our wedding gear & married our damn selves.

photog: sheena shahanigan…”

See more photos below:



No Pastor: Adventurous couple wed themselves atop 12 ft-high mountain (Photos)

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